Computer Help: The Desktop


The idea to help people develop computer skills through a blog has been a long standing ambition for us. When we first came up with the idea we called for ourselves, Silver Surfer Tutors. We created a blog and created some PC focused videos for people to watch and learn some basic skills, so they could have some fun with social media.

Even though CXD’s focus is more on social media creation we thought that some of the computer basics might be beneficial for some of our clients. So whether you are a “Silver Surfer” or just not unsure about computers,  here are some computer basics…. 

The computer’s desktop is the screen that opens when your computer is on.

Here is a short video explaining the desktop, some of its functions. As well as some basic computer navigation and parts.

Some other important things to know. The thumb/ flash drives plug into your computer’s USB port that looks like this:

There is a right way and a wrong way to plug in a flash drive.

Note the top and the bottom:  

The flash drive has a space for the top of the USB Port to plug into.

The CD goes in to a drawer like slot: 

To save on the hard drive or directly to the computer you can save right to your desktop. We will talk about this more in another video when we discuss programs and word processing.

Thank you for reading and watching!