How To Leave A Review On Amazon

How To Leave A Review for an Item  On Amazon

Want to leave a review for something you purchased on Amazon?

It’s easy!

Here are the steps:

1. Start at and search / find the item that your want to review.

2. Scroll down on the page until you see the spot where you see Customer Reviews:



3. Click on the box that says Write A Customer Review.  A new page will pop up showing a picture of the item you want to review.


4. When you start to write,  the box will expand and give you more options:



Make sure that you 

  • Choose a Star Rating
  • Add your review
  • Write a headline
  • Add a photo if you want to (optional)
  • Click Submit

That’s all you need to do!

Remember, short & sweet is OK — You don’t have to write a huge review. Even a sentence or two will do the trick!

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How to Leave A Review

Coloring Pages: Mandala Printable Coloring Pages

Mandala Coloring Pages For Fun & Relaxation!

Are you interested in Mandala Coloring Pages?  Check out our selection of Beautiful Mandala Printable Coloring Pages that you can buy & print out right away.

Our unique Mandalas are word based art- Each one is created using a special process that starts with a word, such as LOVE, Forgiveness, or Thank You. Then the creative FUN begins and the results are that no two Mandalas are ever the same.

As you color, my wish is that your Mandala gives you a sense of

Peace, Love, Support & Relaxation.


Mandala Coloring Pages make a great gift!

Print out  & add a box of colorful pens or markers and Viola- a unique and fabulous gift for a special person in your life!

Check out our selection:

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Thank You Mom is a fabulous collection of unique Mandala Coloring Pages

  • 1 PDF ebook with 20 Word Based Mandalas –
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Do you have an idea or request for a Mandala Coloring Book? Leave a comment below and let me know! Thanks!



Facebook Page: Make A Professional-Business Facebook Page

Learn how to create a Professional /Business

Facebook Page in 5 Easy Steps!


Are you a professional with a public persona?

Then you need to create a Professional facebook page!


Are you a writer, actor, director, musician or other professional and want to be able to network on Facebook?

Do you want to connect with people that you meet, without mixing them in with your close friends & family?

 The solution: Create a

Professional Facebook Page.


A professional Facebook page allows people to follow you and your work but not see all the personal photos and updates from your family.


Here is how to create a Professional facebook page in 5 easy steps!

Step One

Log in to your facebook account and look on the navigation bar (the far left side of the page). See where it says PAGES- click on the MORE button right next to it. Note: You may need to hover over the area for the MORE to appear.



Step Two

On the next page, click CREATE A PAGE (in the center, right)



Step Three

Select the kind of page you want to have from the choices:


 Most of you will want to choose the lower left box:  Artist, Band or Public Figure.

BUT good to know that you can make a page about your business, a local cause or something going on in your community too!

Step Four

Add your information – about page etc… Remember this is a Public Profile, so be sure to keep it professional and only share what you are comfortable with.

* * * Don’t forget to add your profile picture and your cover photo!

Step Five

Now you are ready to Rock!

Make your first post … or two!

Now is also the time to invite the right people on your friends list to like your new Page. You know, those people who are more in the category of “business acquaintances” or “fans” than your close friends and family members.

 Enjoy your new, Professional facebook page!

 Now you can make updates about your Professional life to keep everyone up to date on what you are doing. NICE!


Not sure what to talk about? Try one of these ideas:

  • What you are doing/ most recent (book you wrote, performance you are working on or just finished, movie, etc…)
  • Museum that you just visited
  • What you are cooking today
  • Beautiful sunrise/ sunset that you captured on location

Don’t forget to have fun!

*** Remember you can add to your professional/ Business Facebook from your mobile phone too! 

Just click MORE at the bottom, right side of your screen and access your favorites & pages on facebook!  


She Too and a Free Calendar


Now is a great time to buy a copy of She Too for yourself or as a gift.

During the whole month of December when you buy She Too we will send you a copy of this awesome calendar of your favorite Pin-up Poets

Here is what you do:

1. Go to Amazon and buy She Too (here is the link: )

2. Email your receipt to us at contentxdesign (at) gmail(dot)com and we will send you a pdf copy.

Then you can download, print, and enjoy!

She Too Calendars


Need a 2015 Calendar!

Are you in luck your favorite Pin Up Poets are featured in the She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony Calendar available at Zazzle. Click the image above to get yours today.

Content X Design

Welcome to Content X Design

We wear a few hats here, but basically we are content creators. We enjoy creating content for your Web 2.0 needs. Whether you are a small business, social media challenged, or  just time challenged, we can help you don your social media hat.

We can help you with:

  • Self-hosted Blog start-up and maintenance
  • Facebook Pages and posts
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Fiber
  • In-house company newsletters
  • SEO tips & tricks
  • and  much more

If you need help learning the murky waters of social media or would rather outsource that part of your business, we are your go-to-gals.

You can contact us at contentxdesign(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you! We look forward to working with you as you build your social business.