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You have the strength to see your goals become realities. You can do it one step at a time is all it takes.


Coloring Books in the News!


Grown ups and coloring books are all the rage &

for good reason

Beyond what the Nightly News talks about there is something to be said about stepping away from the high stress – go go go – mentality that we have all grown so accustom. We need time to create in a calm and judge free way.

Coloring books for adults do just that. Add in some mantras and now you can even color your day in positivity.


Mantra Mandala Coloring Books available on Amazon

How To Leave A Review On Amazon

How To Leave A Review for an Item  On Amazon

Want to leave a review for something you purchased on Amazon?

It’s easy!

Here are the steps:

1. Start at Amazon.com and search / find the item that your want to review.

2. Scroll down on the page until you see the spot where you see Customer Reviews:



3. Click on the box that says Write A Customer Review.  A new page will pop up showing a picture of the item you want to review.


4. When you start to write,  the box will expand and give you more options:



Make sure that you 

  • Choose a Star Rating
  • Add your review
  • Write a headline
  • Add a photo if you want to (optional)
  • Click Submit

That’s all you need to do!

Remember, short & sweet is OK — You don’t have to write a huge review. Even a sentence or two will do the trick!

Questions? Leave a comment below or on our FB page:

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How to Leave A Review

Coloring Pages: Mandala Printable Coloring Pages

Mandala Coloring Pages For Fun & Relaxation!

Are you interested in Mandala Coloring Pages?  Check out our selection of Beautiful Mandala Printable Coloring Pages that you can buy & print out right away.

Our unique Mandalas are word based art- Each one is created using a special process that starts with a word, such as LOVE, Forgiveness, or Thank You. Then the creative FUN begins and the results are that no two Mandalas are ever the same.

As you color, my wish is that your Mandala gives you a sense of

Peace, Love, Support & Relaxation.


Mandala Coloring Pages make a great gift!

Print out  & add a box of colorful pens or markers and Viola- a unique and fabulous gift for a special person in your life!

Check out our selection:

 * * * * * * Thank You Mom * * * * * * *

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Thank You Mom is a fabulous collection of unique Mandala Coloring Pages

  • 1 PDF ebook with 20 Word Based Mandalas –
  • Order Today & Enjoy Tonight!


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* * * * * * Thank You Dad *  * * * * *

Coming Soon! 


 * * * Be Well * * *

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Do you have an idea or request for a Mandala Coloring Book? Leave a comment below and let me know! Thanks!



Facebook Page: Make A Professional-Business Facebook Page

Learn how to create a Professional /Business

Facebook Page in 5 Easy Steps!


Are you a professional with a public persona?

Then you need to create a Professional facebook page!


Are you a writer, actor, director, musician or other professional and want to be able to network on Facebook?

Do you want to connect with people that you meet, without mixing them in with your close friends & family?

 The solution: Create a

Professional Facebook Page.


A professional Facebook page allows people to follow you and your work but not see all the personal photos and updates from your family.


Here is how to create a Professional facebook page in 5 easy steps!

Step One

Log in to your facebook account and look on the navigation bar (the far left side of the page). See where it says PAGES- click on the MORE button right next to it. Note: You may need to hover over the area for the MORE to appear.



Step Two

On the next page, click CREATE A PAGE (in the center, right)



Step Three

Select the kind of page you want to have from the choices:


 Most of you will want to choose the lower left box:  Artist, Band or Public Figure.

BUT good to know that you can make a page about your business, a local cause or something going on in your community too!

Step Four

Add your information – about page etc… Remember this is a Public Profile, so be sure to keep it professional and only share what you are comfortable with.

* * * Don’t forget to add your profile picture and your cover photo!

Step Five

Now you are ready to Rock!

Make your first post … or two!

Now is also the time to invite the right people on your friends list to like your new Page. You know, those people who are more in the category of “business acquaintances” or “fans” than your close friends and family members.

 Enjoy your new, Professional facebook page!

 Now you can make updates about your Professional life to keep everyone up to date on what you are doing. NICE!


Not sure what to talk about? Try one of these ideas:

  • What you are doing/ most recent (book you wrote, performance you are working on or just finished, movie, etc…)
  • Museum that you just visited
  • What you are cooking today
  • Beautiful sunrise/ sunset that you captured on location

Don’t forget to have fun!

*** Remember you can add to your professional/ Business Facebook from your mobile phone too! 

Just click MORE at the bottom, right side of your screen and access your favorites & pages on facebook!  


Stock Photos: 5 Free Image Sites For You To Use

Where to find Stock Photos & Free Images To Use in Kindle Books, Blogging, Facebook and more!


I love to take quick snapshots with my phone and then use them for my blog posts or on social media….

But  then there are those posts, pages, facebook headers or events that really need an epic photo from the (insert your favorite type here- mountains, ocean or forest). Here is when I reach out to Stock Photo Image websites.  (If all this searching makes you crazy – make sure to check out our PLR Image Library with a huge selection of images ready to use on your social media sites! )

Here are a list of my 5 favorite Stock Photo Image websites that I use on a regular basis. (don’t forget to double check the copyright for each photo, just in case….) All are free, OK for commercial / business use and worth checking out.

 1. Morgue File

My all time favorite spot. Lots of great photos mixed up with some not so great photos. You will love exploring the collection. Each day there is a new, interesting photo on the home page to check out.



 2. Pexels

This one does not have the largest collection, but I have found some amazing photos here. Make sure you scroll down the home page for a wonderful collection of photos.



3. Foodies Feed

A site devoted to food photography with a wide range of food related photos to choose from. I enjoy the range from cooking to ingredients to plated meal presentations. Great range of china and cook wear too.



4. Flickr: Creative Commons

Who knew that you could use images on Flikr? I was happy to read the notice on this page that many of the fun images on Flickr have a creative commons licence and can be used for blogging, Kindle books or Social Media sites.



5. Unsplashed 

Check this site out – lots of HUGE, beautiful photos that you can use, even commercially, for free! Here is what they say:

All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash.

Go ahead and scroll down and enjoy these wonderful photos.


So there you have a quick list of 5 different places on the web for stock photos that you can use in your digital life and business promotions too.

*** Again… Make sure you read the terms & conditions on each website before using the photos just in case something has changed since this post was made or the last time you visited the website ****


===>>>If you love EASY and FUN images that are ready for you to use as is, or personalize with your brand, book or biz – check out our PLR Image Library for the Simplified solution to your image needs! PRL IMAGE LIBRARY 


Do you have a favorite stock photo Image website on this list? OR do you have another suggestion for us? Share your thought and comments below~ Thanks!






She Too and a Free Calendar


Now is a great time to buy a copy of She Too for yourself or as a gift.

During the whole month of December when you buy She Too we will send you a copy of this awesome calendar of your favorite Pin-up Poets

Here is what you do:

1. Go to Amazon and buy She Too (here is the link: http://goo.gl/PvWnmL )

2. Email your receipt to us at contentxdesign (at) gmail(dot)com and we will send you a pdf copy.

Then you can download, print, and enjoy!

She Too Calendars


Need a 2015 Calendar!

Are you in luck your favorite Pin Up Poets are featured in the She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony Calendar available at Zazzle. Click the image above to get yours today.

Make Awesome Clickable Buttons For WordPress

Awesome looking Clickable buttons for WordPress are Easy to make & Fun to use.

Clickable Buttons

Here are the overview steps for using an image as a clickable button in WordPress:

  • 1. Create an image that you want to use
  • 2. Upload it into the Media section of your WordPress website
  • 3. Get your link ready
  • 4. Insert your image where you want to have your button- for example n a post or a page
  • 5. In the edit section, paste your link into the Custom URL section and insert the image

Now update or save your blog post.

Ta Da! You now have a clickable Button in your WordPress website!

(now go & check & make sure it works… )

Step-by-Step how to’s

1. Create your image and save it as a .jpg

You can make an image in Paint, or in a program such as Canva. You can even take a screen shot of something you made in WORD or PowerPoint and use that too.

If you need help making graphics, check out my Social Media Graphics Mini-Video Ecourse- it’s Free

Click HERE to join—->>JOIN NOW

2. Upload your graphic to your WordPress website.

3. Now head to the spot where you want the clickable graphic to go… Like I said before, this might be in a post or on a page.

Click Add Media to insert the image. Select an image from those you have uploaded. Now, before you click INSERT, scroll down on the RIGHT  side to see the Attachment Display Settings box:


Next, Change the box from Media File to CUSTOM URL


Now paste the URL that you want the image to go to …Maybe an Amazon page or paypal?

Now click Insert In Post.

4. Be sure to save this draft or update this post.

Don’t forget to check out the link and make sure that it works! 

Now you can check this post to make sure that your link works in your clickable image. Go to Preview Changes or the published post and click your link.


That was easy, right?

Have fun with this

Until next time,


Screenshot Magic: 3 Ways To Take a Screenshot

Screenshot Magic: 3 Different & Easy Ways To Take Screenshots

I must admit that when I fist learned how to take screen shots … I though it was a kind of computer magic! And my guess is that you will too.


Here are my 3 favorite ways to take a Computer screen shot (a picture of what you are seeing on your computer screen so you can share it) that are easy to use  and FUN too!


1 Print Screen Button (windows)

When you want to take a picture of what you see on your desk top, you can simple click the Print Screen button.

Yes, it is that simple!

Print Screen is usually in the upper right side of your keyboard (near the back space button) and is sometimes abbreviated at PRT SC.


On some computers (many laptops) you may have to click your function button first, then click the PRT SC. button so check it and have fun testing out your Print Screen button.

Clicking the Print Screen button will take a snapshot of your whole screen. There is now a copy on your computers “clip board” memory. It may NOT appear that anything has happened, but yes, there is a picture of your computer’s desktop in the clipboard memory of you computer.

All you need to do is to “paste” the file somewhere… a word .doc is usually a great place – then you can do some editing and annotations too…

Another place to copy your screen shot is to your Paint program. Then you can crop, add & edit before saving it.


2. Snipping Tool (Windows)

Another great tool  for PC users is the “Snipping Tool” which may come as part of your programs (windows 10- but check you might have it and not know about it).

So check & see if you have the Snipping Tool. Just click on your little circle in the lower, left side of your screen and type in Snipping Tool. If you have it on your system, it will pop up and you can use it to select and share your screen.



Click NEW from the little box and your screen will get a cloudy film. Then just click and select the part of your screen that you want and release. A second smaller box will pop up and you will see your SNIP.

The snip is also on your clip board, so you can easily paste into an email or word doc.



3. Jing (Great for both Windows & Mac Users)

Jing is fun & easy to use to share a screen capture or short video.

Sign up & download the Yellow sun and you are ready to start sharing with others. You just click on the sun and use the cross- hairs that pop up to select the item on your screen. You can then save, or annotate & share in documents, websites or in emails.

Best of all, Jing is FREE!

Check it out here:


So here are 3 different ways to share what is on your screen for others to see. We use all three of these ways to share our screen & communicate.

You will find that you like or use one way more than the others or that you use them together in some way. For example I LOVE my snipping tool and use it on a daily basis.

Share your thoughts or A-Ha moments with us below~ Thanks!